Top 10 Best Electric Smoker 2022

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Looking for the best electric smoker? Consider this guide as an ultimate source to buying the best electric smoker in 2022.

Over the past few years, it has been observed that cooking has become one of the favorite hobbies amongst people. With a variety of cooking techniques and recipes, cooking is no more a house chore but a passion for people of all ages. Also, today cooking is not just limited to conventional gas stoves or coal grills, but nowadays advanced electric equipment has changed the face of the cooking world.

If you are someone interested in improved cooking techniques, especially in advanced roasting and barbequing, you need to learn more about electric smokers.

Reasons why you should buy an electric smoker right away

  • When it comes to buying an electric smoker for personal or commercial use, many people assume it to be a hassle. They think that it might consume a lot of time, energy, and money. However, in reality, a well-equipped electric smoker is known to save your time, energy as well as money. It not only do your work repidly but also ensures improved taste and tenderness of your cuisine.
  • Unlike traditional grills or smokers, an electric smoker is much easier to regulate regarding temperature. With a nob or digital buttons, it gives you a wide range of options to select the optimum temperature for your dish.
  • Not only that, but it is also smoke-free. This means that despite being able to give your chicken perfect smoky taste, it doesn’t pollute your workspace. The use of electric smoker ensures that your surroundings are entirely smoke-free and hygienic.
  • Moreover, electric smokers are quite easy to handle. With conventional grills, there is always a chance of burning your hand. However, electric smokers ensure your complete safety with incredible food.

5 Important things to examine before buying an electric smoker

Now that you are pretty sure you need an electric smoker for your kitchen, its time to go through the factors that you must consider before buying one. Although there are several details that you must find some of them are very crucial not to let go. And therefore, we have listed them below for your convenience.

  • Temperature control

The essential factor that ensures the best taste and the right amount of tenderness in your meat is controlled heat. Traditional smokers and grills fail to maintain proper heat which is why the meat is either undercooked or overcooked. On the other hand, electric smokers come with a wide range of temperatures so that you can select the optimum one as per the requirement of your dish.

Electric smokers either have a rheostat or a thermostat for maintaining heat. Both the systems have their benefits and disadvantages but when it comes to ensuring temperature control rheostat is considered more efficient.

  • The cavity for the removal of excess heat

The next essential feature that you need to consider is that the electric smoker you are about to buy should have a hole to allow excess heat to escape from the system. This cavity ensures that excess of flame and smoke is expelled out not to burn your food.

  • A proper system for heat regulation

It is the flow of the heat that makes an electric smoker so much better than any conventional grill or smoker. It allows steady temperature throughout the system which is why the food gets cooked properly in the given time.

If you are buying an electric smoker for commercial use, i.e., you need to cook your food faster, you are recommended to buy a smoker in which the heat flows from upside to downwards. It takes lesser time to cook the food. On the other hand, if you have plenty of time and you are buying an electric smoker for personal use, then you should choose one in which heat flows from downwards to upwards. The later takes a bit longer, but it ensures that the smoky flavor of the coal seeps deep into your meat and it’s fully tendered.

  • The design of the food tray

The structure or the design of the food tray inside the electric smoker. Usually, there are two types of dishes that are commonly found: horizontally placed plates that have no inclination and the second one with bent. Horizontal trays without inclination are preferred to cook meat, whereas the trays with inclinations are a better option for cooking fish. Also, it is recommended to examine the material of the dish properly. Usually, it is made up of steel or stainless steel which are easier to clean.

  • Overall price concerning its features

Not every electric smoker can be in your budget range. Price is one of the primary factors that put restrictions on buyers. To make the most of your available funds, it is recommended to list down all the essential features that you want in your electric smoker and then shortlist all those with these features and a price within your range. This way you will filter out many of those options that are anyway out of your reach. It will save your time and energy. Following this, you can compare the features, design, efficiency, etc. of the shortlisted electric smokers.

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List Of Best Electric Smoker to Buy in 2022

In this article, we have provided all the details including essential features, functionality, and prices of the top 10 best electric smokers in 2022. You can use such a guide to get all the crucial details from a single place and then decide what suits you the most.

Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller

Topping our list and ticking all the quality boxes, Masterbuilt 20077515 front controller electric smoker is undoubtedly the best electric smoker that the market has to offer. After reviewing several electric smokers and evaluating all their results, followed by customer reviews, we can assure you that this Masterbuilt electric smoker has won hearts everywhere. This all in one electric smoker has been ranked as the best one so far, by cooking experts and customers all across the globe.

If you are still doubtful and questioning whether to get your hands on The Masterbuilt or not, our detailed review will help you get rid of all the questions that are grilling in your head! Also, you may explore Traeger grills reviews which is the most popular brand among the grills and smoker market.

Salient Features:

Starting with the dimensions of this incredible electric smoker, it comes with a massive 730 square inches of cooking space, and if you have had some experience in making those delicious barbeques, then you would know that this is a lot of cooking space, especially when compared to the conventional smokers and grills. Along with the massive cooking space, the Masterbuilt electric smoker has 4-chrome-coated racks that are ideal for you if you love hosting grand pool parties and barbeques then Masterbuilt has got everything in control for you. The four shelves help you prepare a lot more sizzling food at one go than what most electric smokers can cook in two or even three trips. The 4-chrome-coated racks are also adjustable, which means you can cook up 2 whole turkeys while adjusting the shelves for some moist burger patties.

But that is not it yet, this electric smoker is all about giving you more than your price, and the large 40-inch viewing window is an additional feature that makes the Masterbuilt electric smoker the best one so far. You can monitor the entire smoking process through this giant window, which also means you can adjust the smoke level right from the outside without opening and closing the door now and then. This keeps the smoke inside, and the food is done exceptionally well.

The key to success of any electric smoker is its heating element, and this Masterbuilt smoker has an 800-watt heating element that warms up in no time and can heat up to 275 degrees. Furthermore, the unique chip loading system has also been catching a lot of eyes, unlike the typical smokers, in which you have to keep opening the doors to load wood, the Masterbuilt electric smoker comes with a side chip loading system, and it does wonders for you. The side loading makes the task much easier, and the heat remains within the smoker giving you the best juicy and tender results.

Other Features of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt electric smoker is loaded with some fantastic features. It has a built-in thermometer, which allows you to monitor the changing temperature of the food and the oven, throughout the process. The digital control panel, located at the top. Makes the controlling of the smoker extremely easy, all you have to do is set the cooking time and temperature and let the smoker do its work.

Another feature of this brilliant electric smoker is the RF remote that lets you control everything from temperature to time and the oven light to meat temperature, from a distance. So, you can relax in the pool or get cozy on the couch and can still keep an eye on the smoker.

The drip pan, on the other hand, has also been improved and redesigned. The front access to the drip pan makes cleaning the smoker easy; it also comes with a dust cover and a CD that has some mouthwatering smoking recipes to guide you along the way.  


This is the best electric smoker under $300, which is a fair price to pay for something so great. It also comes with a 90 days warranty so that you can be sure about it. You can choose in three different colors, black, stainless steel and stainless.

Click on the link below to get this all in one electric smoker right now!

Overall review

Masterbuilt electric smoker is a gamechanger. This smoker has all the qualities that make it the best one in the market. Along with all the features mentioned above, it is also very user-friendly, all you have to do is follow a few instructions, and the thing is all set to smoke some juicy meat. It has wheels and handles that make it portable and ideal for various locations. So, you can have a barbeque party anytime anywhere.

2. Bradley BTDS76P Digital 4-Rack Smoker

Bradley smokers have been in the business for a while now, and their products speak quality. Known for their low wood consumption and easy to use features Bradley smokers have been raising a lot of eyebrows lately. And to the top, the list Bradley BTDS76P digital smoker is the one that has the best reviews everywhere.  

Salient Features

The new and improved Bradley electric smoker comes with a bunch of updates that makes it even better. It measures 17 by 14 by 31 inches, providing you with enough cooking space. It is made from the most delicate material that makes it long lasting. The epoxy steel construction and the stainless-steel interior makes the smoker one of its kind. The stainless interior also helps to keep the smoke and heat in leading to a more consistent temperature throughout the process.

What made the previous Bradley smoker so famous was the use of wood briquettes that would add that extra smoky touch to your meal. The new electric smoker has the same automatic bisquettes feed feature. Once loaded, the smoker can control the cool smoke for up to eight hours straight, so now you do not have to refill the wood bisquettes every minute.

Bradley electric smoker now comes with digital controls, which makes the monitoring more efficient and easy. You can now set the time, the temperature even the amount of smoke, every time you cook a delicious meal. It also comes with four adjustable racks, two separate burners for the oven and the smoker and to top it all an internal thermostat that gives you much more control than the previous version.

Other features of Bradley BTDS76P digital smoker

Some other noteworthy features include the dual smoking system. The Bradley smokers let you have both the cold and hot smoking, which is possible due to the two electrical element designs. Also, you do not have to keep checking the temperature or the smoke level now and then. Just put everything in and set the right temperature and time and you are good to go. The maximum temperature is 280 degrees and can be easily controlled using the digital panel.

As mentioned earlier the wood does not need to be refilled, so you can take an extended break from shoving wood all the time.


You can buy the Bradley BTDS76P digital smoker for under $500. The price is a little too much, especially if you are a beginner. But most customers believe that it is worth it. 

Overall Review

If you are looking for durability and planning on some big barbeque parties, then this electric smoker is the one for you. Although the price might cross your budget line, you will get a great product in the long run. The automatic bisquette and the digital control panel ease up the whole cooking process for you. The racks are removable, which means more space for your turkey and those ribs. Overall, Bradley is a name that you can trust, so you can buy this electric smoker and use it for a very long time.

3. Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker

The next in the list of top 10 best electric smokers in 2022 is Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker. When it comes to some of the best electric smokers, Masterbuilt has a lot to offer. From a wide variety in size to the range of budget options available, Masterbuilt aims at catering all the different requirements of its customer. The Masterbuilt 20077615 digital electric smoker is another fantastic electric smoker that has a ton of new features making it one of the best electric smokers in the market.

Salient Features

If you love hosting massive barbeque parties that are all about that smoky, tender meat, then this Masterbuilt creation is the one you are looking for. One thing that seals the deal for Masterbuilt 20077615 is that you get a lot of cooking space. The 721 inches electric smoker gives you all that you are looking for. You can cook a delicious meal for masses with this smoker and that even in no time.

Along with the vast cooking space, you also get four adjustable racks, which gives you more area to cook some gigantic turkeys for a big crowd. When cooking for a big party you need to make sure that everything is correctly done from the juicy pork to roasted stuffed turkey, it all about making it moist and tender. And to do so, you need to monitor the temperature of the smoker very closely. Masterbuilt makes life easier for you as the digital panel monitors everything just set the time and temperature and you will know when it is done.

It also comes with a built-in thermometer that not only records the temperature inside the oven but it also monitors the brisket temperature for you. The temperature can rise to 275 degrees thanks to the 800-watt heating element that smokes everything just perfectly.  

Furthermore, using wood chips with this electric smoker is easy, and it does not take much time. All you have to do is put around 4 cups of wood chips in through the chip loading system located under the smoker’s heat source, and you are good to go for at least 4-5 hours.

This electric smoker has a very strong body, which makes it long lasting. The full-foam insulation keeps the heat in the oven, heating everything at a consistent temperature.

Other features of Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker

One thing that makes Masterbuilt electric smokers stand out is the new RF remote. The remote eases out the whole process for you and gives you a lot more control. You can control everything from the temperature and time to turning the smoker on and off. Now you do not need to get up every minute to check your smoked chicken or cheeseburgers. All you have to do is sit by the pool and press the RF remote to control the smoker. You can also watch the temperature of the meat using the remote, and the big viewing window makes it even easier. It also comes with a light inside, which makes it perfect for late night barbeques. Also, the light and the window allow you to check the food without opening the door, so the heat remains inside, and the food is cooked much quicker. The drip pan has also got an update and now cleaning the smoker is no more battle to win.


Electric smokers do not come cheap these days, and therefore, it is essential to invest in the right one. Hence, you should pick the right one according to your budget range. If you love having barbeque parties now and then, buying the Masterbuilt electric smoker will be worth it. It costs around $500-$600 online, and all the customers love it. But if you are a beginner or it is just too much for you then you can definitely find something on our list. But if this is the one you want to click on the link below right now.

Overall review

Conclusively, this Masterbuilt electric smoker is a masterpiece. Everything about this product screams perfection. From the enormous cooking space to the digital panel and the low wood chip consumption, it is an all in one electric smoker. Customers have rated it as one of the finest electric smokers everywhere. The only thing that can cause you a little trouble is reading the RF remote at the beginning, but once you get your hand on it, you will be more than fine. The price is another restricting factor here but for someone who can actually afford it should definitely buy this beautiful electric smoker causes you do not want to delay that barbeque party anymore.

4. Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

If you have just moved into a place of your own or if it is your first time doing barbeques then we have just the right electric smoker for you. As a beginner, you do not want to buy something that is too fancy and expensive. To start with the barbeque experience, you should get an electric smoker that does the job well and stays in your budget also. The Char-Broil Vertical electric smoker is the one you need to initiate your barbeque experience. It has all the features of an excellent electric smoker, and it does cost you much – indeed a win-win situation for a beginner like you.  

Salient features

The Char-Broil vertical electric smoker is an all in one compact smoker that is ideal for mid-range parties. The 505 square inches smoker provides you with enough cooking space that is perfect for your beginner barbeque adventures. It comes with a 1500-watt heating element that heats up the oven temperature up to 400 degrees, not too hot not too cold, just perfect. It also has 3 different temperature settings that can be set as per the meal requirement.

This vertical electric smoker also features 3 cooking racks that are adjustable and removable. You can quickly cook a whole turkey and smoke some vegetables all at one go.

One thing that really makes the Char-Broil electric smoker stand out is its build quality. Made from one of the excellent quality material this smoker is designed to last long. It is sturdy and strong with a body that is built perfectly inside out. The interior of this electric smoker is well insulated, which makes sure that the heat remains inside the oven throughout the cooking process.

Also, it comes with the water pan and wood chip pan that not only makes loading wood chips easy, but the cleaning process also becomes less messy. One thing that is difficult to clean is the grease from most electric smokers, but the grease cup in the Char-Broil electric smoker does all the work for you. It catches all that drips and can be easily disposed of later.


One of the essential features of the Char-Broil vertical electric smoker is the price. It is the best electric smoker under 200 dollars. This is one of the cheapest and the most long-running electric smokers in the market. With that price and so many features, this electric smoker is the one you are looking for. It fits within your budget range and also functions phenomenally well. Just click on the link below and order your electric smoker right now.

Overall review

All in all, this Char-Broil vertical smoker is a complete package, especially with that price. It is loaded with all the latest characteristics from different temperature settings to the well-insulated interior it delivers everything. The adjustable racks and the 1500-watt heating element make the deal even better. It does not occupy much space, fits perfectly, and the chrome-plated handle makes it portable. It has enough cooking space for a mid-range family and is very user-friendly. Customers have all good things to say about this electric smoker, and as a beginner, this is the best electric smoker to start from.

5. Jim Beam BTDS76JB 4-Rack Digital Outdoor Smoker

When it comes to some of the best electric smokers in the market, Bradley smokers always top the list. The first Bradley smokers are known for their delicious slow-cooked meats and vegetables, and people all across the globe love the results produced by it. But now with electric smokers taking over the market, the conventional Jim Beam Bradley outdoor smoker also needed an update.

The new, improved and fully-controllable Bradley electric smoker has now taken over the market with some amazing updates that not only make it easy to use but also saves the user a lot of time.

Salient Features

The Jim Bradley outdoor electric smoker is a complete electric smoker that has a ton of features to offer. Starting with the dimensions, it is 11.50” long, 25.50” high and 15” full, an ideal size for an outdoor smoker. With most of the original features still there, the smoker comes with 520 square inches of cooking space along with 4 cooking racks. The cooking racks are all movable and adjustable so that you can create space as per your requirement. As a low-temperature smoker, it has a heating element of 500 watts, which works perfectly for most meals.

The original Jim Bradley smoker had analog setting systems, which made controlling the smoker very difficult and time-consuming as you always had to be around the smoker and check it now and then. But the old days are over, and the new electric smoker comes with digital controls that make monitoring super easy. The control panel on the smoker lets you control the temperature, time and the amount of smoke in the oven. Now all you need to do is set everything up and let the smoker do its job.

One thing that puts people down when it comes to electric smokers is the never-ending hustle to refill the smoker with wood chips throughout the cooking process. But with the Jim Bradley electric smoker, you do not have to worry about a thing. The automatic bisquette feeder has got you covered. It automatically loads the bisquette into the burner every twenty minutes, fill it once, and it keeps loading bisquette for eight hours straight. So, while you sit back and enjoy your drink, your delicious meal gets done all by itself, what a relief!

The electric smoker has a solid and durable body, which makes it ideal for all your barbeque and pool parties. With a sturdy built on the outside, this electric smoker comes with a great interior too. The fully-insulated and stainless-steel interior keeps all the smoke and inside, which leads to a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process, the perfect electric smoker inside out.


If you have an open budget and are willing to spend a good deal of money on an electric smoker, then the Jim Beam BTDS76JB Bradley smoker is the one you should get. It costs above 500 dollars and is definitely worth the price.

Overall Review

Bradley smokers need no introduction. They have been winning customers hearts from a very time, and this great smoker does the same. From the strong built to the user-friendly control panel, it has all that you want in an electric smoker. Also, assembling the product is super easy to follow the manual, and you are good to go. The automatic feeding system makes the task much simpler and hustles free. The temperature is consistent, and customer reviews state all the right things about it. The price can be an issue for many, but when it is Bradley, it is worth the price without any doubt.

6. Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

Unlike most electric smokers that cost you a lot, Smoker Hollow goes easy on your pocket and delivers a result that will please your taste buds. Smoke Hollow is designed in a more old school way that makes it an interesting buy.

The smoker is designed conventionally, with simple control panels which ease out the entire cooking process. The strong built makes it long lasting, while the well-insulated interior helps to retain the heat inside. The temperature remains quite consistent making sure the meat is cooked beyond perfection.

Other technical features include the 1500 Watt heating element that heats up in no time. The 22 inches wide electric smoker provides you with enough cooking space and area. It also has a built-in thermometer embedded in the front door; this helps you to keep an eye on the changing internal temperature.

Although the smoker does not have any digital control panels, it does come with three analog heat settings, going from low to high. The smoker also comes with a drip pan that collects all the grease, which means less after cleaning for you. It also comes with 3 cooking racks 2 of which are adjustable and removable, so you can cook a decent meal and roast as many vegetables as you want.

The Smoke Hollow is an all in one electric smoker, it is incredibly user-friendly and comes with a 90 days warranty. It takes a few minutes to assemble the product, and the strong built will last you a good long time.


It costs less than $200, and it is definitely worth the deal considering the price and all the features that come with this fantastic electric smoker.

7. Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker – Best Cheap Electric Smoker

Known for its quality and variety of products, Masterbuilt has been stealing the electric smoker market for quite a while now. It offers a wide range of products and exceptional features that make Masterbuilt one of the fines electric smokers manufacturers in the business.

One such product is the Masterbuilt 20073716 portable electric smoker. As the name states, this electric smoker is all about portability and ease of use. Weighing only 26.35 pounds, this electric smoker is ideal for people who love some smokey meat but have limited space in their yards. It is very compact and fits perfectly in a small area. The size also makes it the perfect electric smoker for road trips and picnics, load it in the back of your car and you are good to go.

However, the size of this electric smoker does not compromise its ability to deliver an exceptional result. The 1400 watt heating element heats up very quickly and cooks the meat perfectly.

It also comes with 2 smoking racks that are both chrome coated and will last you a decent time. The smoker is made of steel and has a solid built, making it a durable option, especially for beginners, who do not want to buy something too big and bulky.

Other features of this portable electric smoker include an analog temperature control panel with heat settings going from low to high. It also comes with an adjustable air damper for better smoke and heat monitoring. Although the electric smoker is quite small, it still comes

Removable wood chip tray and water pan, which makes cleaning the smoker easy afterward.

With 279 square inches of cooking space, you can cook a moderately sized turkey without any trouble. An all in one electric smoker that is especially ideal for people who have limited space or are beginners and with that price tag it is a must buy.


The Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker costs under $100. Yes! You heard it right. You get the quality of Masterbuilt and all the features for less than 100 dollars, what are you waiting for? 

8. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

The next electric smoker in the list of top 10 best electric smokers in 2022 is Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker. This is an all in one electric smoker that is considered ideal for people who are just about to get their hands on smoking meat. When you are a mere beginner, investing in a very expensive electric smoker might not be a very wise thing to do. Therefore, this incredible Char-Broil smoker is what you should get in the first place.

The smoker comes with 725 square inches of cooking space and as a beginner that is enough space to start with. Made from steel and a strongly built interior with insulated double-coated walls, the heat, and temperature remain constant. Also, it has four adjustable cooking racks, which provide you with a lot of space to cook some big turkeys.

Some other features of this Deluxe electric smoker include a removable food thermometer along with a locking latch followed by a huge smoke box that can keep the smoke coming for hours and hours.

The advanced digital control panel makes monitoring the food very easy and quick. The LED display and the digital controls really ease up the work for you. Also, you can watch everything from a distance and can adjust the setting using the remote control. The gigantic glass window helps you to take a look inside without opening the door every now and then, which helps to keep the heat inside, making the meat juicier and tender.

Cleaning the electric smoker after using it is also very easy as it has an 8.5-cup grease tray for any dripping. A complete electric smoker with all the essential features. A must-have for someone who is just stepping into the world of roasted and smoky meat.


This amazing electric smoker from Char-Broil will cost you under $200 which is a good deal for all these incredible features. If you want to buy one right now click on the link below:

9. Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

If you are looking for an electric smoker that is a little less complicated, budget-friendly and cooks the meat just up to your expectation, then this Little Chief Front Load smoker is the one you should get.

Known for its durability and strong built, this electric smoker has a lot offer. It has a 450 Watt heating element that heats up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. As it comes with no digital controls, the temperature remains quite constant throughout the cooking process. Although it does take some time to reach the maximum temperature once there, it does all the work for you.

Made from the finest quality embossed aluminum, this electric smoker speaks of nothing but durability and strength. It also comes with multiple grills that are easily slidable, which means more space for your smoked vegetables.

One thing that makes this electric smoker worth a try is that it comes assembled. You do not need to go through all the manuals or YouTube videos to figure out what part goes where everything is already done. This saves you a lot of time and hustle.

The Little Chief also comes with a flavor fuel pan and a drip pan located at the bottom of the smoker for any grease or dripping. It can be cleaned very easily, and the meat will surely be finger licking.


The Little Chief Front Load is another best electric smoker under $100. It is a cheap electric smoker. All these features for that price are. As a bonus, you also get specially designed and compiled recipe book that is loaded with some mouthwatering dishes along with a 1.75-pound bag of Chips n’ Chunk hickory flavor wood fuel. This will surely save you a lot of money. A deal that you cannot refuse.

Click on the link below and order the Little Chief Front-load electric smoker today!

10. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

When it comes to improvisation, nobody does it better than Old Smokey, and this electric smoker will change the way you smoke your meat. Undoubtedly, this electric smoker stands out when it comes to looks and design as it does not have a similar structure like most of our electric smokers. But it cooks meat beyond perfection and here are all the juicy details for this incredible electric smoker.

The smoker looks like a tall pot with a round top. The flat top of the smoker helps to retain the heat and temperature throughout the cooking process. It also lets the drippings and juices drip back on whatever delicious delight that has been cooking. With constant heat and dripping juices, the meat is always moist and cooked to the core.

This Old Smokey electric smoker has a 1250-Watt heating element that heats up in no time and escalates the whole roasting process. The well-built interior and the closed lid keeps a constant temperature, and the flavors penetrate deep within the meat.

It comes with two cooking grills and a drip pan to collect any dripping grease. The fewer grills do make cleaning easy, but it also increases the cooking time. And reaching the bottom level can be very difficult, especially when the smoker is hot.

With 202.5 inches of cooking space and fairly decent meal can be prepared. However, it does not come with a thermometer, which makes monitoring a bit tricky. But on the other hand, the smoker is ideal for people who love low-and-slow smoking, and the perfectly tender and juicy meat is undoubtedly worth it.

You can get this tremendous electric smoker right now by just clicking on the link below!

5 Quick FAQs about electric smokers

Now that you have gone through the list of top 10 best electric smokers in 2022, we know that there are several questions in your mind that you want to know about. To answer all your queries, here some common questions that we have answered for you.

How to get an electric smoker ready for use?

Before using an electric smoker for cooking purposes, it is important to season it. The details are usually given in the manual. But for your ease here we provide you a brief description about how to prepare your smoker for use.

You have to apply a coating of cooking oil on the surfaces inside the smoker including the racks/food tray. Following this, turn on the smoker and let it heat for around two hours. This will remove all residues and dust from the cooking chamber.

How to clean an electric smoker after use?

The next important question is about cleaning the electric smoker after use. It is recommended to not to use a reliable cleaner to clean the smoker from inside. It is suggested to wipe off the residues of food with a damp cloth (no excess water) from the grills and the food tray. Once cleaned, keep the door of the smoker open for a while to get the insides dry. If the insides of the cooking cavity are not kept dry, there is a significant chance of it getting infected by mold.

How to use the water pan present in the electric smoker?

Although it is up to you to use the water pan while cooking its presence in the electric smoker is mandatory. The purpose of the water pan is to retain moisture in the food while it is being smoked. You can use water or any other liquid in the pan whose flavor you want to introduce in your dish. However, it is suggested to not leave an acidic liquid such as wine for an extended period.

What type of wood should be used?

Woodchips or wood pallets are considered best for electric smokers. However, it also depends on the meat that you are cooking. For pink meat, it is suggested to use wood from fruit and nut trees. Also, wood dust is not recommended

Is it normal to have smoke coming out from the door?

Yes, smoke usually comes out of the smoker’s door. However, if you notice an excess of smoke, it is suggested to tighten the adjustable door.

We hope that this guide helps you pick the ideal electric smoker for your personal or commercial use. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Note: You can check the prices of the models mentioned above on Amazon (links have been provided). The models were under the suggested price when the article was written. Since there is always a chance of a change in rate, we make no guarantees that the models will be sold at the same price as written above.

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