Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer “Latest 2023 Edition”

Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 08:40 am

Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

Want to buy a pressure washer? But before investing your money here I have a review for you on Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer.

This attractive looking pressure washer is most trending nowadays. With 2200 MAX PSI at 1.0 GPM/ 1.2 MAX GPM at 900 PSI, this much of power Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer becomes one of the most powerful and RATED BEST power washer. Your property is your joy, taking care of it is your responsibility.

That’s why I suggest you this pressure washer to clean all your vehicles, watering your garden, even cleaning your home’s walls and floors etc.

Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer “The User’s Choice” 

Providing the power which is Promised – All pressure washers of Briggs And Stratton including this one are tested and verified by an independent lab, this pressure washer passes through all the required tests after that only it is eligible to sell in the market, providing the power and quality which is promised.

The power requirement of the washer is really less, which is helpful to save electricity. Hence it is eco-friendly and didn’t over-utilizes the resources, also it is pollution free and doesn’t include the use of CFC’s which is harmful to the environment.

Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer Review

Long high-pressure hose – A 25-foot high-pressure hose is there which provide a long range of water sprinkling so that you can even sprinkle the whole garden standing at one place only, and you can even wash your car from the long distance. Even washing your house will be easy, whole terrace and roof can be easily washed.

GFCI Protected Electric cord – A long 35-foot electric cord with current resistive technique is there, which is actually needed with every pressure washer and is really important. The long length of this cord provides you with the wide reach of the washer, which is a convenient point for the buyers.

Saves your time and increase cleaning potential

Easy to Switch modes The modes of sprays are easy to switch from one mode to another. So you didn’t have to bother when you have to wash different objective at the same time.

Time management becomes easy and work becomes less. Afterall everyone purchases power washer to reduce workload, for which this washer is perfect though.

Time-saving – If you are short of time, which of course everybody is nowadays. This best electric pressure washer is specially designed to save your time, It works 40% faster and cleans your objects in just a few minutes by simply attaching the specialized time-saving turbo nozzle.

I myself had several times washed my car in just 3-4 minutes before going out, and trust me this power washer is perfect if u have to go somewhere but going with a dirty car is awful.

This power washer is my partner for emergencies, and so can be yours in just one click below.

Cleaning potential – The Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer is loaded with a detergent foamer which helps to simply add soap to water for cleaning.

So if you are looking to wash anything which needs soap water, this washer is definitely gonna save your energy and reduce your work. As well as you don’t need to bother to pour soap separately on the object and then wash it firmly, but with this power washer, it is easy to wash even with soap.

Motor and other Physical features of Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton Electric Power Washer

Induction motor – If you don’t like so much of noise, and like to stay side from the noise of annoying machines, the Briggs And Stratton Pressure Washer come with a brushless induction motor which didn’t make any sound even after years of usage. This motor is made of stainless steel, which didn’t get rust, didn’t matter how much it has been used.

Physical Features – Light weighted easy to use the power washer with the dimensions of 18 x 32 x 13.5 inches and weighing 41.2 pounds becomes easy to use. This power washer is easy to carry and portable. Washer’s attractive body and trendy looks match with the latest trends and give you a different charm while using it.


Briggs & Stratton Electric Power Washer Review

  • Light weighted
  • Instant start and stop system
  • brushless induction motors that run quietly
  • detergent foaming
  • shockproof
  • 25-foot high pressure hot
  • 35-foot electric cord
  • Uses less electricity
  • Eco-friendly, objective which are harmful to the environment are not used


  • Limited warranty of 12 months, but the washer is highly durable and didn’t get any problem at all
  • Can’t be used without electricity, but at home, we have no shortage of electricity at all

Final Words About Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

According to me, the Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer is an amazing product, I am personally using this product since May 2017 and this washer is still working amazingly. This product is out of warranty now but surely I don’t require any because it is working amazingly. It is convenient to use because of its time-saving feature. I personally recommend you to buy this product.

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