How To Fix Olpair Error On Kodi Latest Version

Actually, olpair is giving the excellent service those who are using kodi latest version and those who are getting interrupted servers list. If you did not connect with the olpair IP address to your device IP address. You should pair immediately, why because without olpair IP address connection you can not stream your favourite or any kind of videos on your kodi. So try to pair immediately.

If you don’t know how to pair IP addresses of both your device and the olpair you have to follow our tutorial which can make you know everything about olpair.

How To Fix Olpair Error With The

If you don’t know how to pair olpair with your device. You should follow the below steps and solve your olpair error with those steps. Let me start the tutorial.

  1. First of all, you have to confirm whether your device and streaming device are connected to the same network or not if not, connect them to the same network.
  2. Open a new browser and enter the URL as
  3. Here you would get the IP address of your device
  4. Now you have to solve the captcha
  5. And finally, click on the pair option

That’s it this is the olpair fixing procedure. From now onwards you can watch your favourite videos on your kodi.

How Many Times We Need To Pair Our Device With The olpair

After pairing the olapir IP address with your device IP address your kodi addon can stream your favourite videos for the duration of four hours. But after four hours what we have to do is. We must follow the same procedure as we discussed in the above lines. So for every four hours, you have to follow the same procedure in order to keep watching your favourite videos.


This article contains all the information about the olpair and its fixing procedure to your device which had kodi software. We hope you may get all the knowledge of the olpair and its working procedure. If you want to ask any kind queries which are relevant to the olapir you can ask to us through the comment section. We will give the genuine and perfect answer to your queries.

For more updates of olpair, you can keep watching this website why because this website can give them all relevant information and updated information of olpair. So keep visiting this site and know more details about the olpair.


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