Powerhouse International 3000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

Selecting a pressure washer is not an easy task. It takes a lot of searching and effort to land on the best pressure washer. If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer, which can clean regardless of the situation and environment, stop searching right now. The Powerhouse International 3000 PSI Electric Pressure washer could be the right choice for you. The users are extremely satisfied, as per it can deliver an ultimate performance like a gas pressure washer. For me, the best part is that it does not require a lot of maintenance.  

Another fantastic thing is that it is much quite as compared to a gas pressure washer. Gas pressure washers were able to perform just fine, but they are extremely loud, which caused trouble for people around it. The Platinum clocks in at an operating pressure of 3000 psi with a flow rate of 2.2 GPM, which is more than enough to handle most of the jobs you’ll encounter. Other than that, it is equipped with beautiful accessories. 

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Let’s dig a little deeper into the features, to know well about this unit. 

User-friendly design

A pressure washer is not something that a commoner uses daily. Which is why its design must be user friendly. After looking at this unit for the first time, you can easily see how easily you can use it. It seems that the designers at Powerhouse International thought of everything when they were planning out the 3000 PSI Platinum electric pressure washer. It comes with a quick-connect system. This helps in getting things done easily and effectively. While you are working in different situations, it may require you to change the spray tips. You can easily take them off without the need of any tool. 

Keeping the unit clean is also essential. The outer body is made from stainless steel. It is super easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it is extremely durable as well. You just have got to invest in this unit one time and enjoy using it for years. 

Powerful engine

It offers incredible pressure of 3000 psi and 2.2 GPM, better than a gas pressure washer. You might be thinking that the water pressure is the same as a gas pressure washer, then how is this unit better than it? Well! It comes with the added benefit of the ‘silent motor,’ compared to the gas pressure washer. Not only that, but the cleaning power is also of 6,600 CUs. 

Trigger gun and accessories 

powerhouse international accessories

To ensure spotless cleaning, you must get all the right things. Which is why this unit comes with five different nozzles. These nozzles offer different pressure of water. Low-pressure watering nozzle for gentle jobs such as rinsing your car, to a variety of fan-sprays, and even a high-pressure 0˚ jet for the highest intensities of cleaning by concentrating all of the force on one small area. These five sets of nozzles have been offered by most of the pressure washers these days. But what makes this unit so special is the additional two spraying nozzles. These are included in the most popular demands, od users. These are known as proprietary nozzles. If you want to do the cleaning in circular motions, this nozzle is recommended for you. These kinds of nozzles are not easily available, which makes it even more special. The other one is specially designed for cleaning the areas which are not easily accessible. These are known as angled nozzles. These can spray sideways, a convenient and effective tool for cleaning out gutters and spraying hard to reach places. This proves that this pressure washer is capable of cleaning almost everything, but what you need to do is learn when to use the right nozzle. Do not expect to master this art in a matter of a few days. It will take a lot of practice and time before you become a pro at pressure washing.

Not only that, but it comes with some premium accessories as well. The first is a patio cleaner brush with a spinning jet. It is perfect if you are aiming to clean large areas. You can make the whole area spotless in a matter of a few minutes. It is claimed that it will cut your cleaning time in half. The second is a proprietary soap foam dispenser. For me, this one is the winner. It allows you to add as much soap to your jet as you need without harming the pressure washer’s internals. Previously, the biggest problem was that the pressure washers either did not have the soap jet or they were not designed properly, which resulted in damaging the whole unit. Last but not least is the soft bristle brush, which is well suited for more gentle tasks where the surface finish is of utmost importance. 

The five quick-connect tips are a complete package with 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and a nozzle for watering. Each nozzle is specifically designed to serve its purpose according to the situation. The 0°intense-jet nozzle, is the perfect solution for small targets which require excessive cleaning. It is color-coded as red, o that you can easily discriminate it from the other available options. It is the strongest nozzle and needs to be handled with care. If you are not a professional or you are still in your learning phase, it is recommended to stay clear of this option. If not handled correctly, it can actually cause some damage. It delivers a high-pressure, pencil point jet stream. It is used to cut heavy dirt deposits in a small, concentrated area. It is ideal for dissolving stubborn substances, like grease spots on concrete, or for removing caked mud from equipment. Before using it, make sure that the target is strong enough to handle the pressure. 

The green coded nozzle is a 15°fan-tip nozzle. It is designed for intense cleaning as well. If you are looking forward to doing jobs like stripping paint, removing oil stains, grease, and mildew stains, this one is the right option for you. The last, but not the least is the 25°fan-tip nozzle. It is color-coded as green, which shows that this one is pretty much safe for any purpose. The water pressure is strong, but it will not cause any damage. It is designed for doing simple jobs around the house like cleaning home siding etc.  

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Easy to move around 

For me, the stability of the unit holds special importance. No one likes a pressure washer, which keeps falling off. With Powerhouse International 3000 PSI Electric Pressure washer, you do not have to worry about this problem either. The Platinum rests securely in a wheeled cart featuring four casters for excellent stability when you’re working on hard surfaces. The casters can be locked into place or unlocked so that the unit will ride smoothly behind you as you work. This unit will never tip over on you when you have it placed in the removable base with rolling wheels. Not only that, if you are looking forward to work on uneven surfaces, but you can also simply remove the unit from the cart and bring it along with you.

This unit is easy to maneuver around too. The handle on the Platinum is very reminiscent of what you’ll find on a piece of luggage, where compact size is at a premium. All you have got to do is pull the handle out when you need it, and simply push it in compactly when it’s time to store your pressure washer so that it won’t take up too much space. The only thing people complain about is the fact that this feature adds up in the size of the unit a little bit. But you only face a problem when the unit is not designed properly. While using this unit, you will not face any problem.

Versatile and flexible to use 

powerhouse international pressure washer review

When you are spending a fortune on a pressure washer, it should be able to provide you with all the desired features. The unit should be flexible enough to be used in every environment. Which is why it comes with 30 feet hose, and if you need an extension, Powerhouse International does sell 20-foot add ons. Pressure washers that come with stiff hosing face the problem of dexterity while cleaning. They said they made it 30% more flexible, and you can definitely tell the difference.

Plus, it comes with easy to wind on the included hose reel. When you are working in small areas, not having a reel can be a problem. The hose will keep getting in your way. There are chances that you might end up tripping over it. It makes cleaning even more tiring. 

Total Stop System

Another amazing feature is the TSS technology. Total Stop System, which automatically shuts off the pump when the machine is not in use. This technology helps in avoiding accidents and saves water. This prolongs the motor life of your washer as well. This feature will really come in handy if a small toddler or a pet comes in front of the target, and you need to shut it off immediately. 

Onboard power cord 

When you are done with cleaning, the problem is how to store the pressure washer. Everything has to be stored perfectly to save it from damage. While working with an electric pressure washer, saving the electric cord comes as a challenge. The Platinum features a dedicated spot for winding up your power cord when you’re done for the day. The power cord is 35 feet in length, giving you plenty of room to work throughout the day. The same is the case with accessories. If you do not place them in dedicated places, there are great chances of losing them. This is why this pressure washer comes with dedicated places for each accessory. 

For your safety, a GFCI plug and automatic safety valve with low-pressure by-pass are standard on all Powerhouse International models. These pressure washers are CE, GS, ROHS, and EMC certified.

What this unit lacks?

The only problem with this pressure washer is that it is not designed to reach the rooftops and high walls. If you are specifically buying a pressure washer to clean high places, this one is not the right option for you. As per, most of the people looking for a pressure washer just want to clean their driveways and stairs, and they seem to love it. 

You cannot use hot water. Warm water is okay to use, but this unit is specifically designed for cold water. If some stains are hard to get, you can use soap, but hot water is not an option. 


  • A heavy-duty pressure washer
  • Much quieter as compared to gas pressure washer
  • Comes with five nozzle tips 
  • This cleaner also comes with accessories:
  • Surface cleaner,
  • Turbo & angle nozzles,
  • -brush, and
  • -soap foam sprayer.
  • So, you pretty much everything you would need to complete your cleaning in no time and with less effort.
  • Amazing design 
  • User friendly 
  • It comes with four casters so that it is easier to roll with you when cleaning.
  • So far, the best electric pressure washer.


  • Expensive. Even though the features it offers are worth the price, but some people complain about it being a little too expensive for an electric pressure washer.
  • It is not designed to clean rooftops or high walls.buy at amazon


In the past, electric pressure washer really has been a disappointment as compared to the gas pressure washers. But to our surprise, powerhouse international 3000 psi electric pressure washer is even better than gas pressure washers. We can promise you that it will get the job done for you. It’s an incredibly well-designed machine that gives you the tools you need to tackle just about any cleaning job you can dream up. It is a real time saver. The best part is that it is extremely easy to keep and maintain, as well. The users seem to be enjoying this option, and no noticeable complaint has been registered by them yet. 


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