Sun Joe SPX4501 Pressure Washer Review

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 03:02 pm

People who love cleaning agree on the fact that pressure washers are amazing and powerful cleaning tools. It has the power to literally clean anything. Since there are so many options available in the market and each one of them has various power ranges. It is important to know that what features are you looking for in a pressure washer so that you can make an informed decision. The power of any unit is selected according to the target you are looking forward to cleaning. 

You might be wondering what exactly Sun Joe Spx 4501 has to offer, so let’s have a detailed look at all the features. 

sun joe spx4501

Powerful Motor

Electric pressure washers are considered to be less powerful as compared to other gas ones. This only happens when you are not choosing the right amount of power. Sun Joe Spx 4501 is a powerful unit. It can clean any kind of gunk, grime, muck, and stains. Those who have been using a Sun Joe pressure washer in the past know that even with the lowest power, they are able to deliver maximum performance. This unit comes with a 13-amp motor that generates up to 2, 500 PSI/1. 48 GPM. This means that no matter how tough the stains are, they will be able to clean them in no time. Especially, if you are looking forward to doing cleaning around the house, this one is definitely the right option for you. 

It has a 2,000W induction motor. This means that even if you have to work for long hours, it will not get heated up. Unlike, other powerful motors, this has the capability to run cooler. You will not have to stop between the washing sessions to let the machine cool down. For me, this machine was a win, as it was a lot quieter than the previous gas pressure washers we have been using. So even if you feel like cleaning, while your neighbors are sleeping, you can do so without worrying about the noise.

5 Quick Connect Nozzle

Even though this is a powerful pressure washer, but still right technique is necessary for efficient cleaning. Not every target requires to be cleaned with blasting water. This is why you should use different nozzles for altering the water pressure according to the target. Now, the good part here is that you will not have to buy these nozzles separately. When you open the package, you are going to find a set of 5 quick connect nozzles. Each one of these offers different water pressure and spray range. After analyzing the target, you can select the best-suited option. No extra tools are required to connecting these. You can simply do so with your hands. 

If you are not aware of the pressures each nozzle has to offer. It is recommended that you perform a test beforehand. Some nozzles might be too strong for the target and it might cause some damage. This is definitely the last thing anyone wants to do. Especially the zero-degree nozzle (Color-coded in red), is the fastest option you are going to find. If not used properly, the results can be extremely lethal. It has the ability to rip off paint and cause dents on the vehicles. Before using this one, make sure that the target is strong enough to deal with this much pressure. It is only recommended to be used on concrete. There have been cases reported, where it made holes in the concrete as well. Take all precautionary measures as well. If you get in front of the stream; it might cause holes in you as well. 

Extension Hose 

We all can agree on the fact that no pressure washer can work to its fullest without having a good quality extension hose. It makes the unit much more versatile. It helps in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This unit comes with a 20-foot-high pressure hose. Not that it is long, but it has excellent quality as well. While cleaning, you might get occupied with other tasks. As a result, mishandling of the water hose is possible. Now, here is the good part. No matter how harshly this water hose is treated, there will be no leaks. Even if you drag and twist on concrete surfaces, you will still get the best out of it. Here is a pro tip for storing your extension hose in the right way. Make sure that there is no water in the hose and wrap it in circles. There should be no twists. Once you are done emptying, wrap it around the reel available on the pressure washer.

User Safety

Pressure washers can be unsafe at times. This is why it is extremely important that you know how to use them in a proper way. While designing this unit the manufacture has kept the user’s safety their first priority. When you are using it, you need to play smartly with all the features. Everything is built with excellent quality to ensure that you do not get directly in contact with water or electricity. It comes with a 35-foot power code with GFCI protection. This not only increases the versatility of the product but ensures that you do not get electrocuted. It enables you to clean, even when you are cleaning at some distance. 

Total Stop System

Sun Joe products are not only powerful, but they are extremely durable as well. Once you are done spending money on them, you will be able to enjoy using them for years. By having just one look you will be able to guess the quality of the products. There are thousands of users all across the world and there are almost no complaints about the quality of this product. 

The engine is strong and long-lasting. It comes with a total stop system. Whenever the unit is not being in use, it will automatically turn off the pump. This helps in improving the performance and prolong pump life. This is the best way to save energy as well. 

Easy to Use and Assemble

Even though this is a high-end pressure washer, it is super easy to use and assemble. When you open the package, most of the things are already attached. You just have to make some important attachments, which will hardly take few minutes. Another amazing thing is that it has a user-friendly design. Everything has a proper description, even the nozzles are color-coded so that you can easily differentiate between them. 

For easy maneuverability, there are two non-flat tires available. The handle has a comfortable grip, which ensures that you are able to move it around wherever you want without any problem. Before you start learning make sure that you have placed the unit in a stable position. You will not be able to enjoy the full experience if the unit is not placed properly. Make sure that the unit is nearby to the target you want to clean. So that you can easily use it. 

Onboard Detergent Tank 

How can we forget about this amazing feature? It comes with an onboard detergent tank. It helps in efficient cleaning. Especially if you deal with tough stains, you can use soap to easily clean everything in just one wash. The best part is that you can use any type of detergent or soap. It is better to not use highly concentrated detergent, as it will not only damage the target but will cause damage to the detergent tank as well. You are supposed to dilute the solution with water. This detergent tank has space for 1-gallon liquid. You can do the mixing inside the tank as well. 

If you want to wash your car, it is recommended to get the soap which is specifically designed for this purpose only. Similarly, if you have to deal with some tough stains, like oil spills on concrete surfaces. Get a strong detergent. Be very vigilant while choosing the type of detergent. Strong and concentrated soaps are best for tough targets only, if you use them on your car or any other vehicle, there are chances the color might fade away. 

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Final thoughts

Sun Joe Spx 4501 is the right choice for the ones who are looking forward to doing both domestic and industrial cleaning. This is a heavy-duty pressure washer, which offers amazing pressure. It has provided amazing results for cleaning patios, outdoor furniture, garages, windows, sliding, and cars. It comes with all the necessary accessories. It is extremely lightweight and portable. The best part is that it does not require continuous maintenance. We can ensure you that it will make your life easier for good and you will be able to get all the cleaning jobs done in an efficient way. 

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